Culture and Change

Newsletter 29 November 2021


Culture and Change! 

 I had so much fun writing this series of blogs. I hope you are going to have as much fun reading it. I have used the analogy of making cheese to explain some of the concepts I am touching on

Read the introduction here:

The Maths of Change

Change is difficult, but not impossible. I have attempted to look at it very logically by trying to put this very complex subject into a very simple equation. I might have missed some of the details, but I do believe I have captured the crucial aspects. 

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The Big Cheese - who makes the cheese?

A good leader will make the change process less daunting, the better the leader, the better the change process. Culture change is not always about changing the culture, the leader or manager should first look at their impact on the required change or current culture.

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The Ingredients of Change

Apart from the manager or leader, there are some crucial ingredients to make change effective – the employees and the team. Is there bad culture that needs to be eliminated or new culture to be added? Do you as manager really understand the employees working in your group and is it important to understand them?

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The Equipment and Tools for making Change

Too much systems and processes will not aid in your quest for change, it can actually disempower, disengage and demotivate your employees or team.

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It all Adds up - The Recipe

Let us bring all the parts of the puzzle of change together and see how it adds up – find a winning recipe and follow it.

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Change in the Bible

For those of you interested, read more about my thoughts on change from a Biblical perspective.

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Finding your purpose in life Package

All the best on your change journey – remember to contact me if you need any assistance – I will be honoured to help you on your journey.