Goodbye 2015, Hallo 2016!

Newsletter 29 November 2021


Training, done!  Building up - started!  


Training and accreditation

I believe it is essential for a service provider to ensure they have the correct training to do the job.  Anyone can coach, but what quality is their coaching.  For a quality service, you need to have the latest knowledge, skills and experience.  2015 marks the season of training for me:

Results Coaching:

Brain Based Intensive Coaching Program

Coaches Toolkit

Executive Coaching

Team coaching


Associate Strengths coach

New Accreditation:

International coaches Federation: ACC level coach.



My clients are part of my success.  Thank you to each an every one of you.  I have learned so much and enjoyed being part of your journey and growth.  This year I will write a blog about each and every one of you!  Watch the space......



I am very excited about the possibilities this year has in stall, no matter what the economic predictions say!  I will grab every opportunity and make changes in my business to ensure I don't get caught up in doing the same things that did not give results.  Let us embrace opportunities, be creative and look at life through different lenses.  You will be surprised at how much is in your control



Information sessions

One aspect I am very excited about is to host a few information sessions for the group coaching I am planning.  If one on one coaching seems too expensive or if you first want a save environment to see what it is all about - come and join a group coaching once a week for two hours with fun, friendship and fabulous coffee and cake.  Make a difference in your life, don't worry about new year resolutions that takes up all you energy and by Valentine's day it is something of the past.  Come for permanent life changing sessions and take control of your life and dreams.....